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The meaning of that teaching progression is justified by the natural stiffness that the body normally has during the day life. For that reason the way is studied to develop before the qualities that normally are missed.

In fact, in the first degree we learn styles that give us speed, balancing and coordination, moreover we learn to coordinate the movements and the breath.

In the second malleability and softness.

The fight is learned in the third degree to get more speed, agility, reflex movements and coordination.

In the fourth degree we will concentrate more on understanding every single detail of the movements of the body, smoothness and continuity.

Only after this long work we approach, in the fifth degree, the hardness with the technique of tiger and bear.

During the sixth degree we will perfect all the styles we studied before with the purpose to mastery them perfectly.

In the same time we will study many other Arts like "Chi Kung", "Escrima de Cuerdas", "Hata Yoga" and others. During all this studies we will have many other teaching from other Masters of different Martial Arts, from Judo to Tang Lang (praying mantis style), etc.

Then the Black belt (the 7' degree) will continue the study in many different ways, according with his own character and aspirations. During his research, the black belt must keep the elements balanced between them to allow the ShenDoka to harmonize himself with the One, always keeping balanced Yin and Yang.

Anyway every existent Martial discipline is considered an element of study of the ShenDo. Every discipline "Yin" and "Yang" and also all the fight style are elements of study.

Even if the fight is not the main purpose, big attention is given to that, so it will be studied in every different form. All the Inner discipline are part of the study, starting from the Yoga in all of his form (Hata, Kriya, Bandha, Mudra, Pranayama, etc), to meditation, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, etc. ShenDo consider equally important the totally Yang discipline like western box as well the absolutely Yin, like inner visualizations.